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Unity and Diversity – Loving One Another


Today we continue to look at Unity and Diversity.  We will begin as we have in the past with the diagram of the pyramid of unity that we have been discussing. Today we will look at growth.  Many times we find ourselves “spinning our wheels” in our Christian growth.  What does it mean to “spinning […]

Unity and Diversity – Valuing Others Above Self


So we are discussing unity and diversity.  Last week we discussed the unity of the person of Jesus, Word of God, and God’s principles. So this week we will look at the diversity in our preferences and practices.  We should come together bring our preferences to join together.  But we must keep in mind the […]

Church Unity


Last week we looked at unity and how we are called to unite under Christ, but at the same time accept the diversity among us. We have ween this pyramid diagram before, but we like to cover this each year to square up our understanding of Biblical unity and diversity. We unite under the person of […]

Discovering God’s Will


Today, we will focus on the situational method of discovering God’s will. It is through His Word and the principles that are displayed there. And especially through the life and teaching of Jesus. What steps do you take to discern the will of God? In the process of discovering God’s will, we will start with […]

1 John Series – Calling God a Liar


Jesus is everything about who we are as Christians.  John was the last living disciple of Jesus, and he could have turned following Jesus into some sort of power play, but they didn’t.  What they did was demonstrate that everything that God promised has come true!  And that promise was made true in the person […]