Ministry Objectives

The Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake strives to:

  • “Share the love of Jesus Christ” to others
  • “Teach God’s children the plan of salvation” through the blood of Jesus Christ
  • “Develop personnel resources” to advance the Kingdom of God
  • “focus on refreshing Christians” in their daily walk with Jesus Christ

The Ministry of the Brethren Retreat has influenced thousands of lives since 1920. Presently, this ministry is experiencing unprecedented growth in all areas of ministry. God has blessed the FOCUS 2020 “A Vision to Revitalize” by increasing our opportunities to “Share the love of Jesus” to over 3000 guests and campers each year.

Our Mission

The Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake seeks to extend the kingdom of God by utilizing the outdoor setting in which people can encounter Jesus Christ and foster healthy relationships.

Our Vision

The Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake will refresh God’s people, enabling them to encounter the living Christ by:

  • Creating programs that respond to constituent needs,
  • Developing a distinct and secure location,
  • Renovating its facilites, and
  • Enhancing its financial sustainability.